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Ep. 77: Me Love You Long Time: Premature Ejaculation

February 10, 2023 Kanwal Bawa
Dr. Sex Fairy
Ep. 77: Me Love You Long Time: Premature Ejaculation
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How long does the average man last in bed? How can a man last longer? Let's talk about early or premature ejaculation, and  2 ways to help you last longer.

Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America's favorite sex doctor, and the host of America's number one sex podcast, Dr. Sex Fairy. She is Cleveland Clinic trained, and a pioneer in the fields of sexual wellness, skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. She has a state-of-the-art practice in Boca Raton, Florida called Bawa Medical. She earned the moniker Dr. Sex Fairy due to her incredible advances in the field of intimate and sexual wellness.
Her patients fly to her from all over the world for vaginal rejuvenation, non-surgical labiaplasty, penis enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction treatments, better performance, increased libido, hormone replacement, and more. She also provides virtual consultations for those who are unable to travel to her for in-office treatments. Dr. Bawa also has her own line of Dr. Sex Fairy supplements which includes a testosterone booster, a nitric oxide booster and a libido enhancer.

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Me Love You Long Time

Welcome to the 77th episode of America’s number one sex podcast Dr. Sex Fairy. I am Dr. Kanwal Bawa, America’s favorite sex doctor and I am here to transform your life. Today we are going to discuss how to last a long time so that you can love her long time! Many of you recognize my tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous dialogue from Full Metal Jacket. Instead of quoting more from movies, my next quote is going to come right out of the Kama Sutra.

It says: “One thing certain is that a man whose activity lasts long pleases women, while on the other hand they complain of men who reach orgasm rapidly….Women appreciate the virility of a man who performs the longest copulatory act. It is almost impossible for a woman to desire to sleep with someone who ejaculates quickly.”


You can see that men have had issues with premature ejaculation since the beginning of time. This poses a big problem because the average woman needs her man to last 20 to 25 minutes but the average man only lasts about 5.4 minutes. Houston, we have a problem.


Luckily for you, you have options that the men from the era of the Kama Sutra simply did not have. The number one cause of erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow. BawaWave, my proprietary protocol of acoustic or shockwave therapy can help breakdown plaque or blockages and blood vessels so that you can have far better erections. Think of it this way. An erection is simply increased inflow and decreased outflow of blood. By improving the blood supply to the penis you have better erections. 

Next comes the BawaShot. this improves the tissue within the penis itself. We use growth factor from your blood to stimulate your own stem cells. We have various ways of concentrating it even further to turbocharge it. Our protocols are the very best form of mix and match to achieve results that are individualized to your needs. FYI, both the BawaWave and BawaShot treatments are helping us achieve incredible results in women as well. Even our Dr. Sex Fairy brand US made sexual health supplements will help you last longer. 


Renew is our Testosterone booster. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. Supplementing it it's going to help you get and maintain erections. The next two supplements are great for women as well. Enhance is our nitric oxide booster, and increases blood flow which in turn improves tissue quality and function. Gentlemen, when you flow, you grow. And ladies, blood flow will help your vagina stay in top shape. Our third supplement is called Passion. It helps with increasing your desire for sex as well as improving general sexual health.


If you have questions about how to schedule a consultation, or how to purchase our supplements, go to drsexfairy.com and fill out our contact form. You can also email me at askme@drsexfairy.com. Contact me today. What do you have to lose but more time? Until next time.